Here are a small selection of recording of my work. Check out my soundcloud and youtube for more recordings. 


wrote this piece for the Thallein+ ensemble as part of one of the frontiers projects. I wanted to experiment with the idea of using the provided ensemble as one big accordion, a more uncommon instrument that I hadn’t written for before. I tried creating a slow moving sound world with each instrument and/or group swelling in and out of each other (hence the title of the piece.)

Bows But No Arrows

Bows But No Arrows was written to explore the technique of bowing on the vibraphone. Instead of just using the usual 1 player with one or two bows, I decided to use 4 players around one vibraphone with 6 bows. 

Sunshine and Moonlight

A pair of small pieces representing their associated titles, The pieces are written for Ukulele and Kalimba. 


Lines was written for Birmingham Conservatoire Creative Ensemble, and was written to experiment with elements of graphic scores, using the layout of a normal score but with lines representing the controlled aspects of certain parameters in each piece. 

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